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How's It Growin'?

Hello friends! I took a little break from cardmaking this weekend and put on my "crafting" hat. I was inspired by the current Lawn Fawn Blog Challenge. This was an unusual challenge because we got to choose the card we made based on a Bingo card.

I was intrigued by the row under the "B", but couldn't figure out how I could incorporate grass and washi tape.

I went to Pinterest and looked up washi tape and saw that someone had covered pencils with it, so I thought that I would make a pencil holder. I figured that I could put grass cut from green Spiffy Speckles patterned paper at the bottom of the cup and then use the Stitched Garden Veggies and the Stitched Root Veggies to decorate. I couldn't find a suitable pencil cup at Hobby Lobby, but I was able to find an unfinished pencil holder so that is what I decided to use. Well...then I got to thinking....what about making a stationery set? So that is what I did. I hope it is whimsical enough!

I have posted a two part video on my YouTube channel with all of the details. I will put the link at the bottom of this post. It is easier for me to do that because it would be an incredibly long post. I hope you don't mind.

Thanks for stopping by!



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