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You're Apple-solutely Awesome!

Hello! One of my favorite places to shop is Hobby Lobby. I probably go there at least once a week. They have just the most fun and affordable stuff. I came across these little wheelbarrows in their fall section in early summer. They were still full price, which even at that, I think they were around $6.00. They had them in white painted and a plain galvanized steel color. I bought a couple of each but I wish I had bought more because I never saw them again. They are so stinking cute!

I decided to do something different today. I put a little floral foam in the bottom the the wheelbarrow and then covered it up with some orange colored moss. I used stamped elements from Lawn Fawn's Apple-solutely Awesome, Happy Harvest and Hay There! Hayrides. I glued toothpicks to the back of each little piece and then arranged them in the wheelbarrow. Easy peasy!

The Copic colors I used are:

Apple Tree

E31, E37, E57, E79


G82, YG63, YG67



Bushell Basket

E31, E37, E57


R14, R27, R46


YR21, YR24


E31, E33, E35

Thanks for stopping by! Just a few more days until it is officially fall! Hooray!!!! Hope you have a spectacular day!



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